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Oven clay clay mortar for oven construction 1 liter bucket

Oven clay clay mortar for oven construction 1 liter bucket

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Oven clay clay mortar for oven construction 1 liter bucket... ideal for small masonry work!

The oven clay has a long processing time. So you have enough time to align the firebrick precisely.

Excellent for re-inserting the cleaning lids for your tiled stove

With this useful oven-building clay mortar you have everything you need! It is mixed ready for use, all you need is water.

The cool thing is when it hardens, just add water again, mix vigorously and continue using.

The 1 liter bucket of oven building clay is versatile. The quantity is optimal for gluing cleaning lids or cleaning tiles.

Why choose cleaning tiles?

The clay mortar is only ceramic-setting. This means that the oven clay only finally solidifies when you slowly heat it up.

It can be easily removed for the next repair without damaging the tile or the cleaning cover.

In this way, you or your chimney sweep can remove soot from all stove flues and ensure the long service life of your stove system.

Composition: Clay powder and quartz sand, dried and ground

Contents of the bucket: 1 liter


  • environmentally friendly and safe as it is a high quality natural product
  • Particularly easy to process as it is delivered ready for use and can be processed for a long time
  • skin-friendly as it does not contain any chemical or hydraulic additives
  • temperature resistant up to 1100 °C
  • extraordinary premium quality

Grain: 0-1mm

Consumption: 1.60 kg/m² at 1 mm thickness

Shelf life: unlimited when stored in a dry place


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