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Pellet stove pipe black enamel with Viton seal various sizes

Pellet stove pipe black enamel with Viton seal various sizes

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These welded pellet stove pipes are ideal for connecting your pellet stove to your chimney. The pipes can also be shortened at any time on the non-retracted side.

These exhaust pipes are plasma welded along the longitudinal seam, which promises a long service life. A Viton seal is inserted into the retracted end (bead). It is temperature-resistant up to approx. 230 °C and ensures that the fine fly ash does not “creep” through the plug connection.

Material thickness:

  • 0.6 mm for pellet stove pipes with D=80 mm
  • 0.8 mm for pellet stove pipes D=100 mm

These stove pipes fit pellet stoves of various brands:

  • 80 mm at e.g. B. Extraflame, MCZ, Olsberg etc.,
  • 100 mm at e.g. B. Oranier, Wodtke etc.

The exhaust pipes are enamelled inside and out so that they can be used both as a stove pipe and as an air duct.


Buderus, MCZ and Olsberg pellet stoves (all models) are equipped with an exhaust connection over/in which no exhaust pipe with a standard diameter fits!

A suitable adapter should therefore be ordered so that the 80 mm enameled exhaust pipes can be connected.

Adapter for 80 mm pellet stove pipes

Adapter for 100 mm pellet stove pipes

The Viton seals can be easily changed if necessary or worn. Here for the 80 mm pipes and here for the 100 mm pipes you can find them in our shop.


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