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Pizza miracle baking stone baking plate for oven

Pizza miracle baking stone baking plate for oven

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The pizza miracle or bread miracle is a baking plate, a baking stone (400 × 300 × 20 mm) made of a special mixture of fireclay, with which you can achieve wood-fired oven quality in your own oven or grill - in the comfort of your own home. Just 30-35 minutes of heating time is enough and you can achieve the highest baking and storage quality like a traditional stone oven.

Crispy pizza and bread, as delicious as if they came from a stone oven

with the pizza miracletastes like Italy

Place the pizza miracle, the extra-successful baking plate, on the rack of your oven.

Heat the oven vigorously for a good 30 minutes. Place the baked goods directly on the hot pizza wonder and turn the heat down or turn it off completely.

Your hot pizza miracle heats the dough from below.

Done – delicious and crispy (almost) like in a fireclay oven!

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Your pizza miracle can retain heat for much longer than a normal firebrick because it is also open-pored. In contrast to the baking tray, it removes the moisture from the dough base like in the original stone oven.

The dough base is super crispy and baked perfectly.

Also ideal for baking bread!

A special fireclay mixture guarantees a minimum heating time (30 minutes at 250 °C) and a maximum of storage energy .

The resulting energy savings – especially when it comes to bread – are around 50% compared to conventional baking on a baking tray or in a baking tin.

Dimensions: 400 × 300 × 20 mm

Weight: 5kg


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