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Cast aluminum cleaning bushing “round” with round installation sleeve

Cast aluminum cleaning bushing “round” with round installation sleeve

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Round cleaning bushing made of cast aluminum, visible surface of the bushing untreated.
Open/close by turning the locking lid.

The cleaning socket is installed in the casing of the tiled stove/fireplace.
The surface of the socket can be varnished, painted or painted over with plaster paint.

Installation sleeve: ø approx. 120 mm

Cast aluminum lid: ø approx. 125 mm

Installation depth (socket length): approx. 64 mm

including flat seal between cleaning bushing and installation sleeve

Please note that the edges of the inner fireclay socket may be slightly crumbly. This does not represent a defect. The function is still fully functional.

The visible surface is untreated and can be painted!


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