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Cleaning tile cobalt blue cleaning lid for tiled stove around 15 cm

Cleaning tile cobalt blue cleaning lid for tiled stove around 15 cm

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Use the cobalt blue cleaning tile cleaning lid for tiled stoves around 15 cm to professionally close the cleaning opening of your tiled stove. The color (glaze) of the cleaning tile is glossy cobalt blue, a shade of blue.

Spare parts for tiled stoves, especially from the GDR era, are rare and difficult to obtain. You can get a replacement for a broken plaster cover here at the fireplace shop.

There are a variety of glazes available – you simply choose the right color.

Do you still have an old tiled stove and the cleaning lid broke after cleaning? No issue! We will have a new cleaning tile made for you.

After ordering, a “blank” of the cleaning tile is provided with the desired glaze. The glaze is then burned firmly in the hot kiln. After the careful, slow cooling process, the cleaning lid goes on its journey to you.

Please note that the dimensions given in the original may differ slightly.

Outside diameter: 15 cm

Inner diameter: 10 cm

Glaze color: blue, shiny cobalt blue

A glossy glaze is beautiful, but these glossy tiles also need to be treated with care. Unsuitable processing materials and tools as well as improper use can cause unsightly scratches or water stains in and on the surface. The glaze behaves similarly to glass. Small sharp-edged components in e.g. B. the joint compound act like glass cutters. Glasses filled with liquid can leave unsightly water marks without a coaster. Please pay attention to this so that you can enjoy your glossy tile for a long time. Hairline cracks are possible, but do not affect functionality.

Not the right glaze color? No problem! Choose the color that suits you best from the glaze selection here and simply give us a call.


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