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Adjustable pipe clamp 120 - 200 mm with seal for smoke pipe

Adjustable pipe clamp 120 - 200 mm with seal for smoke pipe

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This pipe clamp is lined on the inside with an asbestos-free sealing tape, so that both the clamp and the smoke pipe can expand when heated - without warping.

It is ideal for additionally securely connecting smoke pipes. Especially if the plug connection cannot be made sufficiently stable, the pipe clamp provides additional support. This is also indispensable for longer pipe connections.

Easy, quick and safe installation is done using two screws. Thanks to its adjustability from 120 to 200 mm, it can be used flexibly and universally. It fits all welded exhaust pipes.

For use in the visible area, e.g. For example, in your living room, you can also paint the pipe clamp in the desired color with Senotherm oven spray .

Width: 35mm

Material: 0.75 mm thick galvanized sheet metal

Permanent temperature resistant approx. 750 °C


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