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Chimney flap Concrete chimney door

Chimney flap Concrete chimney door

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If you are looking for a robust and durable solution for cleaning the opening of your chimney, we recommend the concrete chimney flap .

Designed specifically for chimneys, this door is made from high quality concrete, providing a long term solution to your cleaning needs.

The chimney flap is tested as a door and frame and ensures that no soot can escape from your chimney.

This not only ensures fire protection in this sensitive area, but also protects your health.

If your old cleaning door is defective, we recommend that you use a new chimney door.

The dimensions of the door can be found in the detailed photos , which will give you an exact idea of ​​how the door will look in your chimney.

All in all, the concrete chimney flap offers you a safe and robust solution for your cleaning opening that you will enjoy for a long time.

Exam P-BWU 02-12

External dimensions: 19 x 26.5 cm

Internal dimensions: 12 x 18 cm

Thickness: 7cm

Please note that small chips on the frame and door are completely normal and should not be a cause for concern.

In some regions the chimney flap is also called a chimney slide .

If you use the term chimney damper in your region, you can be sure that it is the same component as the chimney flap.

Regardless of which name is used, in both cases it is an essential element for the safe operation of your chimney.

The concrete chimney flap offers reliable protection for your cleaning opening.

So if you are looking for a high quality chimney slide, this is an excellent choice.


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