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Self-adhesive black flat gasket 10x2mm sealing cord

Self-adhesive black flat gasket 10x2mm sealing cord

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Our self-adhesive black flat gasket 20 × 2 mm is perfect for reliably sealing fireplaces and stoves. It is made of glass fibers and is impregnated, which makes it more robust and durable. It can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C and can be used as a seal for the door as well as for the oven window. It ensures that your oven, fireplace or tiled stove operates safely.

Dimensions: 10mm wide, 2mm thick

Color: Black

Ordering the length:

You choose the length based on the number of pieces selected

--> 2 pieces correspond to 2 meters, 5 pieces correspond to 5 meters, etc

Please note that the binding components of the adhesive film decompose at 80 - 100 °C. If the sealing cord is clamped (usually during assembly between the oven pane and the body) or held in place in another way, then no additional sealing cord adhesive is necessary. In other cases, you should also fix the flat gasket with sealing cord adhesive, otherwise it will fall off.

Decomposition may cause a slight odor to develop during the first few burns. Please ensure adequate ventilation.


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