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Set of humidifiers for fireplace magnetic with essential oil

Set of humidifiers for fireplace magnetic with essential oil

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The right humidity has an influence on the room climate and therefore on our bodies in particular. Especially during the heating season, the relative humidity drops, which also has health effects on our bodies and our well-being. Evaporation from showering, cooking and plants is then no longer sufficient. Our humidifier can help.

Unique patented fireplace humidifier

With our revolutionary magnetic humidifier you can achieve this while heating your fireplace or stove. The patented system can be attached to all common fireplace and stove models. A strong magnet is attached to the water container. Regardless of whether it is the body of the fireplace or the fireplace door, simply flange it on, fill it with water and the relative humidity in your living room will increase.

Increasing the humidity creates a plus + level of well-being

The ideal humidity is between 40% and 60%.

Too low humidity reduces your well-being. Increased colds can occur due to dry mucous membranes. Pathogens cannot be flushed out and therefore remain in the body longer. Viruses can survive for longer and the severity of possible illnesses can therefore increase. Breathing and lung problems can also be exacerbated by air that is too dry. Dust particles “float” more easily and longer the drier the air is. If you increase the humidity, the dust particles combine with the water and sink to the ground more quickly. Higher humidity also has a positive effect on our eyes and skin.

Humidifiers ensure a healthy body and mind

Do something good. Provide moist air. And do this while enjoying the crackling fire of your fireplace or stove. When heating, you must always ensure there is enough combustion air. Some of this is supplied to the room from outside. In winter, this cool air is dry because cold air is less able to hold moisture. Simply attach our humidifier to your oven and easily ensure that you and your loved ones feel comfortable and stay fit and agile.

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The unique set consisting of the magnetic humidifier and the essential oil is available in two sizes. The essential oil can be easily added to the room humidifier and also spreads a pleasant scent.





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