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Thermal paste containing silicone 100g

Thermal paste containing silicone 100g

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Silicone-containing thermal paste based on silicone oil in combination with zinc oxide fillers. With a low thermal resistance, fast and safe heat conduction/transfer between two bodies is ensured. The areas of application are diverse. In plumbing and heating construction , thermal paste is used, for example, to improve heat transfer to sensors and thermostats.


  • high temperature resistance
  • insensitive to moisture
  • good corrosion protection, especially for aluminum and magnesium alloys
  • doesn't melt
  • does not harden
  • chemically inert (vanishingly small reaction) to most materials, including plastics and rubber

Temperature range: -70 to +200 °C

Color white

Areas of application:
  • for metal and plastic semiconductors
  • for transistors, diodes and similar components


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