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Table grill Tabl-O for healthy roasting, grilling and cooking

Table grill Tabl-O for healthy roasting, grilling and cooking

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Outdoor grilling, roasting and cooking... all with the innovative table grill Tabl-O for briquettes!

Enjoy healthy and delicious meals with your family or friends at any time on the terrace or balcony.

The unique shape of this Tabl-O table grill means there is something for every lover. Some people like hearty porterhouse steaks, others prefer tasty grilled vegetables and the little ones prefer a small cheese or chocolate fondue. The food can either be fried directly on the surface or cooked or simmered in the pot. There are countless ways to make food tasty. Maybe try out all the options yourself?

We can definitely confirm: IT IS SUUUUUPER DELICIOUS!

The roasting surface ensures a special taste, especially unmistakable with great grilled vegetables! And if there are a few lovely people there, then it tastes even better, right?

The entire Tabl-O table grill has a diameter of 46.5cm, although the cooking plate (frying plate) itself is only 39.5cm large. The height is 12 cm. The Tabl-O table grill is designed for 2-6 people.

Total weight: 12.7kg

Material: black coated steel

Total scope of delivery:

  • Table grill (Tablo plate, inner and outer container, coal grate, hotplate)
  • Quick starter (chimney starter)
  • Handle for air regulation (the manufacturer calls it tool)

How do you use the Tabl-O table grill correctly?

Make sure the area is free of flammable materials. Only place the plate on a hard, flat, heatproof and stable surface. Stack the outer container, inner container, charcoal grate and cooking plate on top of each other.

The manufacturer recommends burning coconut briquettes. Why?

These are extremely efficient: high heat, long burning time (2-3 hours) with minimal smoke and odor and very little waste. They are compact and 100% sustainable as they are made from leftover coconut waste. In combination with the quick starter, the Tabl-O table grill is ready for use in no time!

We ourselves also tried normal briquettes and found that they can also be used. The coconut briquettes are a little more manageable in comparison and are certainly suitable for beginners to get a feel for the new, innovative Tabl-O table grill following the step-by-step instructions.


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