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USA-4 negative pressure safety shut-off switch

USA-4 negative pressure safety shut-off switch

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Why does a chimney go "upside down"? A kitchen hood or toilet fan draws exhaust gases from the chimney into the apartment. This cannot be allowed and must be prevented. People must not be put at risk.

The combustion ordinance (FeuV § 4 Setting up fireplaces) stipulates that when a fireplace that depends on the room air (e.g. fireplace, stove, gas boiler) and exhaust fans (e.g. extractor hood) are operated at the same time in an apartment / house, it must be ensured that no carbon monoxide is removed from the fireplace becomes.

With the negative pressure safety switch, the differential pressure between the room and the chimney is permanently measured. If the chimney goes “upside down”, the extractor hood or ventilation system will be switched off for safety reasons. The USA is only “armed” when the fire burns. Otherwise the system is on “stand-by”.

An electronic component, concealed, is placed in the immediate vicinity of the oven.

An exact negative pressure sensor monitors the differential pressure between the chimney and the room. If the negative pressure, e.g. If the temperature rises above 4 Pascal, for example when using a bathroom fan, the fan system will be switched off for your safety.

Train fluctuations caused by gusts of wind are not taken into account and are filtered out by the electronics.

The USA of course has official approval from the German Institute for Building Technology.

The connection must be carried out by a qualified electrician according to the enclosed instructions.

Delivery complete:

  • USA control unit with elegant glass display
  • Exhaust gas sensor connection
  • Vacuum hose (5 m)
  • Connection cable (5 m)
  • Flush-mounted box
  • rosette

Manufacturer: BRUNNER


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