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Wall lining double 12cm short FAL different diameters

Wall lining double 12cm short FAL different diameters

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These wall linings are used to professionally connect the fire-aluminized (FAL) smoke pipes to the chimney. The wall lining is inserted into the chimney wall using mortar. The FAL stove pipes are inserted.

This means the fireplace is securely connected. The stove pipe can expand within the wall lining if necessary or due to the effects of temperature.

Choose this wall lining from FAL if you want to connect hot-aluminum or enamelled pipes. However, if your smoke pipes are also 2 mm steel, please order the appropriate sheet steel wall lining here .

Material: FAL 0.6 mm up to DN 160 / 0.8 mm from DN 180

Length: 12cm / 120mm

Diameter variants… please use the selection box.

  • 8cm/80mm
  • 10cm/100mm
  • 11cm / 110mm
  • 12cm/120mm
  • 13cm / 130mm
  • 15cm/150mm
  • 16cm/160mm
  • 18cm / 180mm


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