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Heat-resistant copper paste spray 400ml -40°C to 1150°C

Heat-resistant copper paste spray 400ml -40°C to 1150°C

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Your fireplace door is stuck. The oven handle is difficult...

This is no longer an issue, with the copper paste spray is a special copper-based lubricant that prevents wear, protects against corrosion and prevents seizing. A real miracle cure!

Whether on shafts, connecting pieces, axles, guide rails... the copper paste spray can be used in a variety of ways. On the locking mechanism of the fireplace door or on the hinges or wheel nuts on the car.

The copper paste spray is easy to apply and is resistant to fresh or salt water rinsing.

It can withstand any mechanical and many chemical stresses and is therefore a real all-rounder in your life. Screw connections treated with the copper paste spray can be easily loosened or remain usable for a long time.

Application: Please shake well before use. Clean the area or component in question (clean, dry, free of grease) and then spray on the spray. Allow to dry briefly.

Temperature resistance: -40°C to +1150°C


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