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Spark plug 300W pellet stove L=14.2cm / D=1cm CADEL

Spark plug 300W pellet stove L=14.2cm / D=1cm CADEL

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Diameter: 1cm

Total length: approx. 14.2 cm

Length to thread: approx. 12.5 cm

Cable length including plug: approx. 22 cm

Suitable for the following models:

Cadel Bistrot3 /Bistrot3 Lounge

Cadel Cloe / Cloe3

Cadel Cristal

Cadel Diana

Cadel Doge Plus / Doge3 Plus

Cadel Elise3 / Elise3 Plus

Cadel Eolo

Cadel Evo/Evo3

Cadel Horizon Plus

Cadel Kriss / Kriss3

Cadel Lean Plus / Lean3 Plus

Cadel Martina

Cadel Nice

Cadel Prince3 / Prince3 Plus

Cadel Rondo / Rondo3

Cadel Sfera / Sfera3 / Sfera GLASS / Sfera Plus / Sfera3 Plus / Sfera Plus GLASS

Cadel Shell3

Cadel Sire Plus / Sire3 Plus

Cadel Solaris

Cadel Sweet / Sweet3

Cadel Tecna / Tecna3

Cadel Vanessa

Cadel Venus / Venus3 Plus

Cadel Wall / Wall3 Plus

And suitable for all ovens for which these spark plug specifications fit.



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