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Spark plug 300W pellet stove L=15.3cm / D=1cm Extraflame

Spark plug 300W pellet stove L=15.3cm / D=1cm Extraflame

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If your pellet stove no longer lights, the spark plug/ignition element is often broken.

Change the spark plug 300W pellet stove L=15.3cm / D=1cm Extraflame is suitable for your pellet stove... Successor model of the spark plug KL10461.

Length: approx. 15.3 cm

Diameter: approx. 1 cm

Cable length: approx. 25 cm

Suitable for the following pellet stoves:

Extraflame Anastasia Plus

Extra flame Anabella

Extraflame Clementina

Extraflame Divina

Extraflame Dorina

Extraflame Doroty

Extraflame Duchessa

Extraflame Ecologica

Extraflame Elisir

Extra flame Emma

Extraflame Emma Plus

Extraflame Esmeralda

Extraflame Falo 1CP

Extraflame Falo 2CP

Extraflame Giusy

Extraflame Giusy Plus

Extraflame Graziosa

Extraflame Graziosa Plus

Extra flame Irina

Extra flame Irma

Extraflame Irma Plus

Extra flame Karoline

Extraflame Ketty

Extraflame Melinda Air

Extraflame Novella

Extraflame Novella Plus

Extraflame Rosy

Extraflame Serafina

Extraflame Sibilla

Extraflame Sibilla Plus

Extra flame souvenir

Extraflame Teodora

Extraflame Tosca Plus

Extraflame Viviana

Extraflame Viviana Plus

And suitable for all ovens for which these spark plug specifications fit.



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